City leaders exploring idea of preschool program in Lynchburg neighborhood center

Daniel's Hill, College Hill centers in Lynchburg will soon be renovated

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Daniel's Hill and College Hill centers in Lynchburg will soon get an internal face-lift.

"We will be able to make some improvements to some of the basics at the sites, such as the flooring, the paint in the walls and the trim. Lighting. Some just basic improvements to the building," Charlotte Lester, coordinator for Parks and Recreation neighborhood Centers, said.

Once the basic improvements are finished, city leaders are exploring the idea of starting a preschool program in the College Hill Neighborhood, similar to the one at Daniel's Hill called Pre-school Play Group.

"It is a great number of children (in) that community and sits in one of our pockets of poverty. So you know it may be an excellent place to begin a program," said Mayor Joan Foster.

As part of the city's Poverty to Progress initiative they have a preschool focus group looking at early education needs for community members.

"If we could reach the children at an earlier age before they could enter school, with skills like counting, ABCs, and sitting and standing, and being a part of a school environment. How much better would that be for our children? To be ready when they arrive they in kindergarten," Foster said.

The city has only has conversations about the idea, but this summer they will look to those living in College Hill for help and their thoughts. Parents who spoke to 10 News said they're all for it.

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