Community members fed up with loiterers near neighborhood

Neighbors and police are planning another meeting next month

LYNCHBURG, Va. – People living in the Garland Hill area of Lynchburg said they're fed up with what they're seeing in their neighborhood. Police talked with residents on Tuesday who have complained about people drinking alcohol and urinating in public. Another major concern is the number of people loitering at the bus stop, and sitting there for hours throughout the day. 

"A lot of the community members that live by the GLTC (Greater Lynchburg Transit Company) bus stop see that these individuals that are loitering on a park bench are just waving the bus through. So they're definitely not waiting for the bus. So we're going to reach out to GLTC to see if we can work with them,” Sgt. Jeff Rater, of the Lynchburg Police Department, said. 

 Neighbors and police are planning another meeting next month.

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