Nelson County school leaders, parents discuss school threats, safety

A threat made almost 10 days ago has parents, students on edge

NELSON COUNTY, Va. – Some parents are on high alert since a threat made nearly 10 days ago and their children's school has them questioning security.

The school district has posted messages on their website, sent letters home and even advertised in the paper, that they want to hear from parents about their concerns and also address a threat students say should not be taken lightly.

"I think Nelson County schools will step up and not let it happen," said, Jennifer Flores a mother of a student in Nelson County High.

A threat made a week and a half ago by a Nelson County High student has parents like Flores and her daughter Selena on edge.

 "A lot of people came up to me because he was my friend. And they told me that he threatened to shoot up the school. And that he brought a razor to school and he was stabbing himself with a pencil in the arm during class," Selena Flores, sophomore at Henry County High, said. 

This threat and recent school shootings are part of the reason why the district is having a conversation with parents tonight about keeping students safe.

"We have shared that that call threat took place through our call system. And once you do that you have a large majority of parents that never knew it took place, that automatically become concerned. Then you have in some ways a wide range of anxiety among all your stakeholders, in particularly your parents," superintendent Dr. Jeff Comer said.

Flores said the blame doesn't always fall on the school.

"We as parents need to go to the school talk with them and figure out something. Sometimes the school can be a little pig-headed. But where most of the blame lies is at home," Flores said.

Parents and students of Nelson County High said, they'd like school officials to be more aware of the children who are being bullied, and take action against anyone making threats. 

"Suspended them, expel them. Do whatever you gotta do. But get them help," Selena said.

School leaders tell 10 News they were consistent with following protocol, but could not say how the child was disciplined. 

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