Dogs rescued in Rockbridge hoarding case finding homes

The Rockbridge SPCA rescued 54 dogs in January

LEXINGTON, Va. – Most of the more than 50 dogs rescued from a Rockbridge County property in January have gone to rescue organizations across Virginia, are currently in foster homes or have been adopted.

The Rockbridge SPCA, animal control and other organizations seized the animals after getting a call about a hoarding situation at the property.

"It warms our hearts to know they're in a better place and they're going to be well taken care of," said Tara Rodi, the executive director of the Rockbridge SPCA.

Rodi said the dogs' owner was unable to care for the 54 dogs and willingly surrendered them. She said all of the dogs are hounds that range in age from puppies to senior dogs.

"All of the dogs we got in had some sort of issues," Rodi said. "Behavioral issues, they were nervous. They might have had skin issues, so health problems."

Two of the dogs remain at the Rockbridge SPCA where they're getting extra attention from SPCA staff.

"They're very shy and scared so we've been working with them, trying to make them where they could go to a rescue and possibly into a foster home or someone can adopt them," Rodi said.

Rodi urged owners to have their pets spayed or neutered to try to avoid a situation like this. She said she's glad to see how well the dogs are doing now.

"It was 30 degrees the day we got them, so it was cold. It was muddy. Seeing the pictures when they're in their forever homes now it makes it all worth it," Rodi said.

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