Filmmakers producing Civil War short film in the New River Valley

NEW RIVER VALLEY – Blacksburg and Giles County will soon be hitting the big screen. 

Two filmmakers from North Carolina are bringing an army of cast and crew members to the area to shoot "Black Dispatch," a Civil War love story. Black Dispatch was a term used during the war referring to slaves providing information to troops for their freedom.

"The goal for 'Black Dispatch' is to take the short, get it in the film festival circuit, get some legs under it, get a little buzz going," said producer Chip White.

On Thursday, it was all hands on deck at the historic Smithfield Plantation in Blacksburg. Shea Sizemore is the writer and director -- this project is a journey home for him. He is an alumnus of Radford University and Auburn High School. With local ties running deep, the crew is committed to making a masterpiece.

"We're just very grateful and trying to be respectful of the history here," said White.

After crew members finish at Smithfield Plantation, they will spend the rest of the weekend shooting in Giles County, where officials are ready for the exposure.

"The viewers of these short films or these projects want to know where it was filmed and then eat more of that history, of whatever the project was about," said Cora Gnegy, tourism and marketing director for Giles County.

Following production there are plans to screen the film locally.

To learn more about the film, click here.