4 things to know if a tree falls on your house

Windy conditions Friday increase calls for roofers, insurance claims

ROANOKE, Va. – Many people in southwest Virginia dealt with damage Friday as windy conditions caused trees to fall.

What should you do if your roof is damaged?

1) Call a roofer
Local roofers I talked to said the first step is to call them. They can give an estimate, but the winds can create dangers for repair workers. Workers said they won’t send crews out when it's as windy as it was most of the day Friday. People may have to wait until Saturday or Sunday for workers to get out to them.

2) Consider temporary repairs
Insurance representatives say people may want to try their best to make sure there isn’t further damage from water, that insurance might not cover, but attempting to get on a roof could be dangerous. One suggestion is to try to put a tarp over an area that is damaged, if it can be done safely.

3) Maybe don't file an insurance claim
Insurance representatives said people might not need to go through insurance companies. The cost might be low enough that it stays below the deductible on a homeowner’s policy and it’s worth paying for the repairs out of pocket.

4) Choose the right repair company
Insurance companies can have working relationships with repair companies that can mean that rates are lower and call times are quicker if a policy holder chooses to use them.