Williamson Road restaurant week brings more customers to the area

This marks the final weekend of restaurant week on Williamson Road


ROANOKE, Va. – This is the final weekend for Williamson Road Restaurant week as more than 20 businesses in the area are featuring specials.

It's a chance to try out a new dish at your favorite restaurant or visit one you have never tried before.

In years past, Williamson Road Restaurant week has been offered twice a year, but this year the Williamson Road Area Business Association says it will only happen once. 

It's a time of year when many people would rather stay home than venture out in the cold, but the chance to check out some of these specials has people braving the weather.

"People are starting to come out and experience things again, setting their patterns for the next season," says Wendy Jones, the executive director of the WRABA. "They're coming out, experiencing these restaurants and having a good time, that's why we do this in March."

For more information on restaurant week and a look at the specials, click here.