Martinsville police, fire departments stepping up enforcement of parking violations

Departments receiving complaints about people parking in fire lanes

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – First responders in Martinsville are cracking down on people who park in fire lanes.

The police and fire departments have received a lot of complaints recently about people parking in fire lanes, especially in shopping centers.

So, officers and firefighters are going to be writing tickets.

Martinsville Deputy Police Chief Maj. Robert Fincher said the crackdown is more about educating people than it is about punishing them.

"Yes, (fire lanes are) there in the event of a structure fire. (Firefighters) have to bring in necessary equipment for that," Fincher said. "But it's important to keep the fire lanes open in case an ambulance needs to come through and get someone out. That seems to be where we've run into issues."

He also said that, in the past, stepped up enforcement has been successful in helping curb the problem.

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