Local family deals with mold in house

Family members say they've gotten sick from the issues

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. – Members of a local family said Friday they're without a place to live after a dangerous mold problem. The family members told 10 News that they’ve been getting sick and they wish their landlord would take action.

Natasha and Tommy Delp said the Bedford County house they’re renting north of Stewartsville has black mold on the hardwood floors and white mold on the walls of the attic and on the garage ceiling.
They say the problem forced them, their son who has a learning disability and a family member with a mental disability to leave their house and stay with friends after they were getting sick.

"It's heartbreaking," Natasha Delp said. "We actually thought this was the perfect home."

They said they were sneezing and coughing, getting headaches, congestion and itchy eyes, and having fatigue and memory problems. 

"It's devastating," Tommy Delp said. "We've all been sick, trips to the doctors and trying to get tests. It's been a big headache."

They wish their landlord had fixed the problem.

"When people go in now it hits them, their eyes water, you can sit there and taste it in your mouth," Natasha Delp said.

She said a Bedford County inspector came to look at the building, but wouldn't share information with them, and an outside contractor tells the family that it’s unsafe for anyone to live there.

The family says it doesn’t have the money to move and wants the landlord to return some of its rent money.

"I don't believe he's playing fairly, by the books," Tommy Delp said. "I believe he's hiding it and covering it up. He's not being very honest."

He said the landlord has agreed to let them out of their lease and is awaiting test results from another contractor.

The landlord didn’t get back to 10 News on our request for comment.