Several reasons led to closing of The Red Shield Lodge

ROANOKE, Va.- – The men staying at the Red Shield Lodge have more than a month to find permanent housing before the homeless shelter closes for good.

There are enough beds for 60 men but the Salvation Army said they're averaging about 12 men a month per year staying at the shelter, which is not enough to keep it open. 

After 40 years, the non-profit made the decision to close the doors of the homeless shelter April 30. Capt. Monica Seiler says they've seen a decrease in homelessness for the people they serve since 2012.

This is just one of the reasons for closing. And for the men that sleep in the shelter every night using one of these beds, they will not be left out in the cold once the shelter is no more.

"Our staff are finding permanent solutions for them. Most of them will have their own housing," said Seiler.

The Salvation Army is also opening the New Day Center this summer. Renovations are happening now at the drop-in center meant for those 18 to 24 years old aging out of foster care and those at-risk of homelessness.

By closing the lodge, the group said it will be able to use their resources to better fit the community's needs.

The Salvation Army plans to demolish the lodge located on Salem Avenue.