Allergy season already underway in Roanoke Valley

Experts: Peak of season expected in April

ROANOKE, Va. – The first day of spring is Tuesday, but allergy season is already here.

Local health experts said some types of pollen are out in full force. They're already seeing patients with minor symptoms.

A Carilion allergist said you should start taking medicine now, because it can take a week or more for it to really get into your system.

"If you are having year-round symptoms that are not controlled with over-the-counter medications or if you feel like you're having side effects from some of the medications, it would be time to see an allergist and certainly if you have any cough, wheezing or shortness of breath,” Dr. Aneysa Sane said.

Sane said she thinks we're about a month away from the peak of allergy season, which is typically worse in the Roanoke Valley.

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