Owner of Giles County apple orchard preparing for winter weather

GILES COUNTY, Va. – While crews are hoping to keep the roads safe, farmers are hoping their crops survive a late season winter storm.

Winter can be a tricky time for farms and crops. At Doe Creek Farm in Giles County, the apple orchard may not have apples, but that doesn't mean the work has slowed down. 

"It doesn't stop in winter at all. It's pretty busy here in winter actually," said Georgia Haverty, owner of Doe Creek Farm. 

During the winter, Haverty spends most days pruning the 2,300 trees and making sure they aren't being affected by the cold. This new round of winter weather so late in the season is a little unwelcome. It's hitting the orchard at crunch time. 

"March and April are very worrying months for me," said Haverty.

Haverty says her trees are close to breaking open -- that means she needs to get the nutrient and mineral sprays on the trees and fast. But this weekend's snow could stop that plan in its tracks.

"In the next three or four days, it's going to be time to spray and hopefully the snow we have coming will be off the ground so i can get my spray rig in here," said Haverty.

Orchards have filled the property for about 150 years. That gives Haverty some hope that Doe Creek Farm can weather the snow.