NASCAR fans upset over postponed race

Race at Martinsville Speedway pushed to Monday due to snow

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – Sunday’s scheduled NASCAR events at the Martinsville Speedway has been postponed due to the snow.

Roger Johnson, who traveled from North Carolina for the race, was looking forward to all the action.


“We really thought there would be some racing today. I’m really disappointed,” Johnson said.

 The decision to postpone the race left Barbara Kending, who traveled from Maryland, frustrated.

 “We’re contemplating about not coming back anymore. The whole family is disappointed,” Kending said.

 Several inches of snow fell overnight, which affected the grass parking lots at the track. 

 Roy Funk spent close to $1,000 to bring his family to the race.

 “Between camping, fuel, tickets and everything else, it cost about $300 a person,” Funk said.

Ryan Tyson from Pennsylvania was looking forward to seeing the race for the first time.

 “I’m pretty disappointed. It’s beautiful out now, so we were expecting to get the race in today,” Tyson said.

Tyson said he plans to continue camping out until he sees the race set for Monday.