Newly formed club brings curling to the Roanoke Valley

The Roanoke Valley Curling Club will hold its first public event March 31

ROANOKE, Va. – One of the most popular Winter Olympic sports is coming to the Roanoke Valley. This weekend marks the first event for the Roanoke Valley Curling Club, a learning event to practice your skills on the ice.

A lot of local interest has come from the Olympics and although the games are over, interest in curling has remained.

In the past decade, curling clubs have popped up in places like Washington, D.C. and Richmond.  Emily Morris, president of the Roanoke Valley Curling Club, has been working with other clubs in Virginia to get one started in our area.

She's been focused on everything from how to get the club started, where to get equipment to train and how to get more people interested in joining. She says interest in the sport and the local club really started to peak ahead of the Olympic Games back in February.

"Everybody seems to know what curling is. A few years ago when I started curling, people didn't know what curling was," says Morris. "They see it and now it's not curiosity anymore. They say, 'You know what, I think I'm going to try that. I'm never going to hurl myself down a mountain and go ski jumping, but I think I could try something like curling.'"

Now that interest is becoming a reality. This weekend marks the first Learn to Curl event at the Berglund Center, where people of all ages can learn more about the sport and how it is played. 

Interest in the event has been so popular that Morris has already expanded the learning event to include twice as many people. Now she's working on starting a second event this spring, giving people who are now on the waiting list a way to participate as well.

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