Power outages remain in New River Valley

CHRISTIANSBURG,Va. – Jonathan Davis is a father whose home has been without power since the storm hit Saturday. He said his family is surviving with a stove and a small generator.

“We have been using a small generator and I have lots of cords running through the house and just trying to keep the kids warm and household happy,” said Davis.

Davis remained in good spirits when he was told by Appalachian Power that his electricity may not be restored until as late as midnight Friday. 

A total of 1,000 workers are out restoring service after outages caused by downed trees. 
Mike Hobbs,a line mechanic for Appalachian Power, said this storm offered a different challenge compared to the last few storms workers have faced.

“The story with this area is that it received, heavy wet snow, which likes to lay in the trees, which causes us more problems versus the storm we had a week ago,” said Hobbs.

Crews are working 16-hour shifts and the company is asking the public to limit its interactions with crews and to remain patient. They company has also pulled in outside contractors.

 "I am just going with the flow and it is the main thing you can do,” Davis said. “I am just taking it day by day and doing what I can do to survive.”