Sheriff's Office determines list of Gretna students poses no threat

Parents called school and Sheriff's Office to report list


PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. – The Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office says a list that was rumored to be threatening in nature is nothing of the sort.

On Tuesday, students at Gretna Middle School were talking about a list of student’s names had been seen, which was thought to single these students out in a threatening manner, according to the Sheriff's Office.  

Parents learned of this and being worried made reports to the school and the Sheriff’s Office.   

Both the Sheriff's Office and the school received calls from parents worried about this list.

On Wednesday, school officials and the school resource officers investigated the list and discovered that while it does exist, it was being gathered in order for students to maintain each other’s contact information.  

Cafeteria surveillance video shows students writing their own names on the list, according to the Sheriff's Office.

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