County communication equipment lost power during snowstorm on Peak Knob

Pulaski communication officers used cellphone during power outage

It's a nightmare no emergency dispatcher wishes to go through.

Over the weekend, as the storm came through, hundreds of calls came in.

While county residents lost power, so did Pulaski County's communication equipment on Peak Knob.

Emergency Services Director Josh Tolbert of the Pulaski County’s Emergency Center said a repair team had to climb the peak.

“It turned into a six-hour trip but it was a quick fix to restore power at the transmitter site,” Tolbert said.

Communications officer Ben Saunders had to find other ways to reach first responders for several hours.

“At times we were talking to deputies by cellphone, and it was the only way to communicate with them at that time,” Saunders said.

While Tolbert said more than 80 percent of the county was without power,

much of it has been restored, but there is more to go.

He expects 90 percent of power to be restored by Thursday.