Hundreds of elementary students learn entrepreneurship

Students created personal products for Market Day

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Elementary students in Central Virginia know what it's like to be an entrepreneur.

Hundreds of students from different area schools gathered at Lynchburg College to sell products they personally created for Market Day. 

The students started their own businesses, applied for business licenses and set their own prices for their products.

"Having kids learn about entrepreneurship at an early age and enlisting these ideas of creativity and how to start a business will only pay dividends as they get older and hopefully start businesses in the city of Lynchburg," Anna Bentson, assistant director of the Office of Economic Development and Tourism, said.

Some schools received awards for their students being outstanding entrepreneurs, and marketers and for being the most innovative.

Below is a list of all the schools that received an award:
Outstanding Entrepreneur Award:   

Chalk it up – Perrymont Elementary       
Gaiter Danes – Boonsboro Elementary       
Minecraft Pillows - Stewartsville Elementary  

Honorable Mention for Outstanding Entrepreneur:    

Bath Fizzes – Perrymont Elementary       
B & B Co. – Appomattox Elementary       
Lovey Puppies - New London Academy  

Outstanding Marketer Award:  

Wrigley’s Keychains – Otter River Elementary       
School Suppliers – Appomattox Elementary       
Jubilee Smarties - The Jubilee Center

Honorable Mention for Outstanding Marketer:    

Soothing Socks – Thomas Jefferson Elementary      
Snuggle Buddies, Inc. – Boonsboro Elementary       
Shark Tank - Heritage Elementary 

Most Innovative Award: 

Calming Cube – Goodview Elementary       
Mystery Happy Potter Trading Cards – Boonsboro Elementary       
Happy Horns - New London Academy

Honorable Mention for Most Innovative:    

Cooper’s Ping Pong Prize Shoot – Otter River Elementary       
Safe Keeper Piggy Banks – Big Island Elementary       
School Stuffy Students – Bedford Elementary