Police: Body found off Barrows Mill Road presumed to be missing Martinsville man

Larry Hinchee, 54, reported missing last Saturday


Martinsville Police say a man's body was found in the wooded area near Barrows Mill Road Saturday afternoon.

Henry County investigators say the body was found 1.5 miles from the home of local missing man Larry Hinchee.

Those investigators say the body is presumed to be Hinchee's. Police say his family has been notified.

A medical examiner is working to determine a cause of death. 

The Henry County Sheriff's Office is continuing to investigate.


Larry Hinchee, 54, came home from work at the Eastman Film plant in Henry County around 1:30 a.m. Saturday.

A few minutes later, he was gone again.

He was reported missing later Saturday by his wife.

“(I) never thought he’d be disappearing. I just thought he was walking. He does a lot of walking and stuff. Just an all-around nice guy,” neighbor Martin said.

Martin continues to hold out hope that this disappearance will have a happy ending.

“I just hope and pray that nothing has happened to him and he’ll return back home safely to his family, because his family needs him and he needs them,” Jarome Martin said.

Neighbor Aaron Martin said knowing that something could have happened to who he calls a good man is scary.

“Nothing happens around this neighborhood. It’s usually quiet, so yeah, it’s kind of scary,” He said.

The heavy police presence in the area the last few days as officers searched for Hinchee is comforting, though.

“(I) hope he makes it home safe. The police being out here makes it a safe environment," Aaron Martin said.

Martinsville Deputy Police Chief Robert Fincher said the police department takes every missing person case seriously.

“We’re going to do everything we can to try to find the person," Fincher said. "(This search has been) a little bit more stressing because of the way the weather was. That’s why the sense of urgency was a little bit greater at the beginning.”

Hinchee left behind his wallet, keys and cellphone, so officers are having a tough time figuring out where he may have gone and why.

Hinchee is a Navy reservist, so the police department is also working with the Navy to try to locate him.

If you see him or know where he is, contact the police department.