Salem school board holds special session to talk safety

Board participated in webinar Wednesday

SALEM, Va. – More local school districts are talking safety.

On Wednesday, the Salem City School Board called a special session to participate in a webinar on the issue.

The Virginia School Board Association hosted the webinar to focus on the prevention aspect of school safety.

Rather than physical improvements to school buildings, webinar leaders emphasized the need for threat assessments and putting resources in place to help students who demonstrate violent behavior.

"Prevention is the key. Relationships are the key. What we teach children all the time is if you see something, say something. If you have a concern, go to the adult you trust. That's what works most,” Salem City Schools Superintendent Dr. Alan Seibert said.

Seibert said the school system has spent over $500,000 in the past five years on security improvements. He said every year, they do things like expand their security cameras and work closely with the police department to address any security needs.

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