'Everybody was scared,' Burton Center student describes lockdown

Burton Center for Technology and Visual Arts put on lockdown Thursday morning

SALEM, Va. – Even though Friday's lockdown at the Burton Center for Arts & Technology was just a precaution it was still scary for parents.

Sixteen-year-old Danica Fralin, a student at Burton, described her experience as terrifying for the whole family.

"We were sitting in class when they came over the intercom. It was like 'students and teachers, we are under a lockdown' and they repeated it multiple times and we were like 'what's happening?'" said Fralin.

She had no idea why the school went on lockdown. Moments later someone came knocking on the classroom door.

"He was like, 'This is the police department, open up.' So the teacher went out first, she said, 'you guys, stay back, go out' and then we all just went there and she said, 'OK let's go guys it's the cops,'" said Fralin.

Although it later turned out to be a false alarm, Fralin said she heard students talking about possible gunshots fired.

"Somebody said it was like 'boom boom' and then they heard a scream and then it went 'boom boom' again," said Fralin.

Danica called her mother, Amanda, to tell her that police were evacuating them onto a bus and that they were being taken to the Salem Civic Center.

"Danica was crying she was very upset, very shaken. She just kept saying, 'I don't know what's going on mom. I don't know what's going on,'" said Amanda Fralin. "Seemed like a little more than just a precaution. Normally in a lockdown, it's a lockdown and the kids don't get out of the school. They stay in the classroom and hide until it's all clear."

While no one was hurt, Amanda had mixed feelings about the ordeal.

"It was kind of odd that they would transport them to a different area which is a good thing," said Fralin.

Both Danica and her mother said they wish they were better informed as to what was going on.

"Everybody was scared and they didn't tell us anything and that's what I think is the main concern, I think if you got us out of the school at least tell us what was happening," said Danica.

Amanda said she was relieved after picking her daughter up from school.