Police: One arrested after Marymount University bomb threat


ARLINGTON, Va. (NBC4) – One person was arrested after Marymount University was evacuated due to a bomb threat, police said.

Officials told the public to evacuate the Arlington campus Sunday morning after a threat was found on social media.

"Campus Evacuation! Campus evacuation due to bomb threat. This is not a drill," Marymount's Twitter post read.

Police announced they had taken a suspect into custody about an hour after the evacuation order. The suspect is thought to be involved in the threat, but police haven't yet detailed charges. 

K-9 units were brought in to sweep the scene and no evidence of a bomb was found. On Sunday afternoon, police announced the campus was re-opened.

The threat was made over social media, Marymount said in a press release. Although it is April Fools' Day, Arlington and campus police fully investigated the threat. It's not clear if the threat was a joke.



Replying to @ArlingtonVaPD

FINAL: Campus has been swept, determined to be clear and is now re-opened.


With today being , we want to remind the public that threats of violence are not a joke and are taken seriously by law enforcement. ACPD will utilize our resources to ensure the safety of the community and to identify and hold accountable those responsible.


The school is on Easter break, meaning there's fewer students on campus than usual, a Marymount spokesperson told NBC.