Roanoke Valley prepares for fourth eXperience YP conference

Tickets are now on sale for the eXperience 2018 conference

ROANOKE, Va. – Young professionals throughout the Roanoke Valley are preparing for the upcoming eXperience YP Conference.

This marks the fourth year of the event, which connects industry leaders and employers with the next generation of workers here in our area. The May 3-4 conference will give attendees a chance to interact with each other as they connect and brainstorm ideas for the future of our region.

"There's a lot of momentum with tourism and economic development and other industries in our region," said Taylor Spellman, a cochair for the eXperience Conference. "It's really a great time to be in Roanoke and I think there are a lot of career paths as well as opportunities to start a family here in the Roanoke and New River Valleys. eXperience wants to speak to that. We want to help people see the opportunity for professional development, but also really enjoy what's here."

The event will start May 3 at Ballast Point, as the Botetourt Young Professionals Group is officially launched. That will be followed by the conferences on May 4 at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke.

For more details on the event and how to sign up, click here.