A new push to make certain streets safer in Appomattox

Appomattox Sheriff's Office launches new traffic safety program

APPOMATTOX, Va. – Appomattox sheriff deputy investigator Robby Richardson was actually off-duty Monday, but 10 News found him putting in extra hours, making sure the highways and byways are safe for people such as Josh Allen, who lives on Pumping Station Road. 

"It makes you nervous because you have three kids under 3. Any of them can go running in different directions all the time when there's cars speeding; you don't feel super safe,” Allen said.

The Appomattox County Sheriff's Office has launched a new traffic safety program.

"We were able to do this by some vacancy savings ($15,000) that we had. The officers can come out on their days off and basically get overtime for it,” Sheriff Barry Letterman said. 

Deputies will be on alert on Route 460, in reduced speed zones, neighborhoods and school zone areas.

The sheriff's office says in 2017, there were two deadly crashes caused by speed. 
In 2016, they reported a total of 195 crashes;  29 involved serious injuries, and three fatal. 

"We're obligated to keep our highways safe for our citizens or anybody who may visit through here,” Letterman said.

Since the program began Sunday, they've already issued more than 10 tickets. 

"I mean, as soon as you see a cop, you pump the brakes right? I like that fact that they'll be out here, settle people down, and maybe change their habits,” Allen said.

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