Giles County Sheriff's Office moves to more spacious, upgraded facility

GILES COUNTY, Va. – Giles County Sheriff Morgan Millirons loves giving grand tours of his new workplace. His department moved from aging and cramped quarters downtown to a new facility, a former hospital with a lot of history. 

"This is a historical building for a lot of us. Myself and several deputies were born here," said Millirons.

After spending decades in the downtown office with no room, the Giles County Sheriff's Office now has plenty. Dedicated interview rooms, upgraded locker rooms, a new meeting room and private desks for patrol deputies are just some of the new features. Millirons says the new building has it all, including state of the art technology. The biggest benefit is the county dispatch center is now side by side with the Sheriff's Office, a game-changer not only for the department, but also people living in Giles County. 

"Your facility is up to date and you're all together. We're together again. We're under one roof together, and we work together as one," said Millirons. 

Millirons says the dispatch center is truly magical. From desks that move up and down to climate-controlled control rooms, it's a big change from the old digs. Speaking of the old digs, Millirons says besides the lack of space, the old building had a leaky roof that put evidence at risk. Still, the transition has been a little emotional. 

'You know, there's a lot of memories in that building, but you can't stop change," said Millirons. 

Serious discussions about the move started a few years ago. While it has been a multi-million dollar move, the sheriff says it's worth every penny to keep people safe.