Roanoke drivers hoping for end to pothole problems

ROANOKE, Va. – Pothole paving is on the way for some Roanoke city streets. In one particular area of the city, drivers have been begging for help, and they just may get it.

Drivers on Edgerton Avenue in Roanoke may soon get some relief. They tell 10 News the road has been plagued with pothole issues for years.

"Driving this road here is like driving a gravel road. My driveway is smoother than the road is," said Jeff Yates, who has lived on Edgerton Avenue for years.

But there may be an end in sight. Monday, paving work began on the beginning of the road and the city says in the next week or so, the potholes and patches should be paved. That's welcome news for frustrated drivers.

"A lot of motorcycles come through here. You've got holes all over the places, patches all over the place. It's a danger," said Yates.

Now that spring is here, the city's paving projects are speeding up with efforts starting for some streets in Garden City as well as Cove Road and Hemlock Road Northwest. If you know a city road with a pothole problem, you can report it through the free iROANOKE app. That's because avoiding the pothole problem is not always an option.

"You can't do it. You're going to hit them no matter where you go. You're going to hit them," said Yates.

If a pothole on a city road has caused damage to your car, the city recommends contacting them by phone or email. The phone number for the city's transportation division is 540-853-2676 and the email is transportation@roanokeva.gov.