Lynchburg College students tell local stories through national struggle

Students erected a civil war exhibit at American Civil War Museum in Appomattox


APPOMATTOX, Va. – "Local stories, national struggle" is the title of Lynchburg College students' exhibit at the American Civil War Museum in Appomattox. 

The students were approached by museum officials several months ago to create an exhibit. 

For months, the students researched Lynchburg people who were somehow tied to the Civil War. Students say they learned their subjects' stories, and made them come to life through artificats displayed under glass.

One of the stories is about Hannah Reynolds, an enslaved woman who lived near the Appomattox Courthouse and was accidentally shot April 9, 1865, and seriously wounded; while being treated, she died April 12, 1865, as a free woman.

 "I think sometimes the issue is with the Civil War is you really only focus on battles or things like that. But the bigger issue there still is the home front and what else happens after. And to me that kind of gets lost. So we really wanted to show every angle of the Civil War. That's really what we tried to do," said Ian Pullock, a senior at Lynchburg College. 

The exhibit opens to the public at 10 a.m. Friday.