Director of The Hope Center named Red Cross Good Samaritan Hero

After months of nominations, the Red Cross and WSLS 10 are honoring dozens of people in our area who have gone above and beyond making a difference in their community.

This year, the selection committee has chosen two Good Samaritan heroes.                 

The first, is a man who is working to change lives in his own backyard.

After a day of making runs to collect donations, Grover Price places bread on a table outside The Hope Center for anyone to swing by and pick up.

“Simple things like this cuts down on (a) person going in the store and stealing something. It's right here for them for free,” Price, The Hope Center director, explained.

It's just one way The Hope Center is trying to improve the community it calls home, northwest Roanoke.

The humble building on 11th Street in Roanoke is where neighborhood kids come to after school.

“I saw the need for these kids, just needing a mentor, needing someone in their life, needing a space to go, a place to be, somewhere they could go have fun, and play without having to worry about things and actually get some help working on their school (work) and helping with the academics and things like that,” Price explained.

The outreach started as Price's weekend mentoring idea and has grown to Monday through Friday over the years.

He says all the work is paying off for the next generation.

“We definitely seeing an impact as far as grades go, we have about 95 percent of the kids that come here on honor role, so that's definitely something great to see,” Price said.

While The Hope Center has faced some tough times, like having to close its doors at one point in 2017, Price has persevered.

He hopes others will do the same. 

“I actually don't feel like a hero. I'm actually just doing my part. Everybody in the community has to step up in some way or we won't see a change. I don't expect people to go on a full scale of doing what I'm doing, but talk to one kid, help one homeless person,” said Price.

He says in doing so, you could be one person's hero. 

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