President Trump comes to West Virginia to talk taxes

President participated in roundtable discussion

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. – Thursday, President Donald Trump visited West Virginia for the fourth time since being elected to address tax reform.

Among those who joined him in White Sulphur Springs were business owners, Virginia-based families and elected officials. 

The room was full of excitement as everyone came together to talk about how the newest tax cuts and job act made an impact on their lives. 

That was the main focus of the day.

"We really support you," said Jessica Hodge, a West Virginian resident. "These tax cuts are a big deal. I thank you for listening to us, thank you for fighting for us, thank you for caring enough to allow us the opportunity to come here and tell you thank you to your face."

She also said her 10-year-old son wanted to be like Trump someday.

The president promised to continue striving for a healthier economy. 

"It's had a huge impact on our country and wait till you see the numbers," he said. "The numbers are starting to get released by companies and, frankly, families and their spending habits - they are getting to go out and buy things."

Trump hopes to bring more manufacturing jobs to the United States.

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