Lynchburg Food council offers grants for community gardens

LYNCHBURG, Va. – It's the second year the Lynchburg Food Council is offering its garden grant to create community gardens in the Lynchburg, Amherst, Bedford and Campbell counties.

Amy McCarty and her 3-year-old daughter were a part of one of the gardens to receive the grant last year.

She says they were able to donate 1,000 pounds’ of food to charitable organizations. 

“The grant has allowed us to establish the garden long term with our garden beds and really nice fence, and it has allowed us to improve our productivity by double,” said McCarty. 

The Council is looking for any applicants wishing to start three new ones, under the condition that the group will provide volunteer service for the construction and maintenance of the garden.

I spoke with Lynchburg Food Council member Lindsey Cawood, who tells me the importance these gardens have in the community. 

“In the last yard grant cycle, they grew over 33 different kinds of plants and grew over 2,000 pounds of produce,” said Cawood. “So we don't dictate how much they grow or what they do with it, but last year they gave it to school backpacks programs and homeless shelters."

All applications are due no later than April 20. The recipients of the three grants, up to $1,500 each, will be announced by April 24.