Local nonprofit provides affordable prosthetics' to amputees

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – A small piece of wood is the beginning for one of the 200 prosthetics that Phillip Johnson, founder of Hope to Walk, has made for amputees across the globe. 

The Christiansburg nonprofit's goal is to provide affordable prosthetic legs to anyone in need for no more than $200. He has helped those in need in Honduras and Vietnam. One day, he wants to help aid those here at home in the United States. 

“While in Vietnam, we met the ambassador to the U.S. and he was very excited about our leg project and they sent someone yesterday to meet with us and look at our projects and see if it was viable,” said Johnson. 

Recently, the team went to Vietnam to create legs for amputees and train medical personnel on how to create prosthetics themselves. 
Johnson told 10 News that the total time to create a limb is 55 minutes and the cost is as low $100 dollars.
In America, it could cost over thousands. 

Hope to Walk solely operates through donations and the help of volunteers, Robert Rose, who knows the challenges of receiving a prosthetic.

“Since I am an amputee, I felt like this is something that I could get behind and I understand the plight for those who need a limb and aren't able to purchase it because of lack funds,” said Rose. 

A fundraising banquet on Monday raised $46,000, which will be used to create limbs for those in need on Hope to Walk's mission trips to such places as Honduras and Vietnam.