Man tased, arrested after barricading himself in with children

Reported domestic assault happened Monday night in Danville


DANVILLE, Va. – A 28-year-old man is in jail after police say he attacked his girlfriend and barricaded himself in with three children.

At about 7:40 p.m. Monday, Danville police responded to Southern Street in reference to a reported domestic assault.

Once officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with the 27-year-old female victim who was outside of the residence. She told police she had been struck in the head and threatened with a handgun by her boyfriend, Corey Smith. 

Smith, who was inside the residence at the door, along with three small children, began speaking with officers.

During the conversation, police say Smith closed the door, jerking the children inside.

Officers say they could hear Smith barricading the doorway. 

Responding officers attempted communication with Smith, who they say became agitated and verbally aggressive toward them. 

Negotiators were called to the scene and spoke with Smith for about an hour, asking him to surrender and to let the children outside.

Smith then, in an effort to yell at the negotiators, extended his upper body out of a window. A Taser was successfully deployed on Smith and he was taken into custody.

The children were unharmed during the incident.

After a search of the residence, officers did not find a handgun.

Smith was charged with domestic assault and felony child endangerment. 

A protective order was also served on Smith, according to police.

He is currently housed at the Danville City Jail under no bond.

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