One week to tax deadline and millions of Americans have yet to file

Experts explain how to get last-minute returns filed

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ROANOKE, Va. – Today marks one week until federal taxes are due, and if you've been putting them off, you're not alone. The Internal Revenue Service reports that more than a million Americans have not yet filed their 2017 tax returns.

This year the deadline is pushed back to April 17, giving last-minute tax filers a little extra time. Typically tax day is April 15, which is a Sunday this year. April 16 is celebrated as Emancipation Day by the federal government, which means April 17 is the deadline this year.

If you haven't started yet, remember that the new tax laws don't go into effect until you prepare your 2018 returns. That means this is the last time to file under the old code and the last call for certain tax breaks.

Experts say those who have a simple 1040 document to file may be able to quickly submit their returns through an online service. People with multi-state filings, multiple deductions or other subsidies may be better suited to work with a tax professional.

Regardless of whether you get your taxes completed now or file for an extension, any money you owe is still due on Tuesday.

The IRS is also encouraging people who have put off filing their taxes for the past several years to get a jump on it. About one million people have still not filed returns from 2014, leaving more than $1 billion on the table. The final deadline for those 2014 returns is April 17 as well.