Ferrum family displaced after house burned to ground

Family seeks donations with GoFundMe account

ROCKY MOUNT, Va. – For Danielle Wilburn, her husband, Robert Handy, and their two-year-old, it was a total loss.

“It was hard. That's Robert's childhood house. It was inherited by Robert. He lived there his whole life, so it's a lifetime of memories,” Wilburn said.

While they were thankful that everyone got out safely, everything else was destroyed.

“It's hard to watch all the things you've collected throughout your life just kind of go up in flames,” Wilburn said.

Franklin County Fire Marshall Scott Fulcher said the fire most likely started in a wooden stove in the basement.

“They had 25 years of belongings in the basement so it was pretty well-packed,” Fulcher said.

Wilburn and her family are currently staying with a friend.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for the family.

They're looking to raise $5,000.

“The money raised is to help with the cleanup process and hopefully start to rebuild a new home,” Wilburn said.

So far, they have received donations from local churches and the American Red Cross.

“Those who have helped out has meant the world to us. It has really touched me so much,” Wilburn said.

Fulcher said that due to the unsafe condition of the home, they won't be continuing the investigation.