Criminologist shares thoughts on Danville officer-involved shooting video

Body camera video from shooting released Tuesday


DANVILLE, Va. – Virginia State Police said Wednesday that no gun was found on 25-year-old Juan Jones, the victim in Sunday's deadly officer-involved shooting.

No gun was found anywhere at the scene, according to state police.  

Body camera video shows Jones ignoring a Danville police officer's command to get out of his car, the first of many commands he did not comply with, which ultimately ended with him being shot and killed Sunday morning.

The body camera video was released by Danville police Chief Scott Booth Tuesday for the sake of public safety, according to the chief.

He was concerned that "outside interests" were spreading misinformation about the shooting.

When Jones was shot and killed Sunday, officers were investigating a report that he had assaulted a woman.

Retired Maryland police officer and former Radford University professor Tod Burke said Jones' non-compliance is something state police will likely look at in their investigation.

"Unfortunately, (Jones) did not adhere to the officers' comments. We don't know why. There could be a number of reasons why," Burke said.

"I'm sure that when the investigation takes place, that's what they're going to look at. Did the officers do everything by policy, everything by law; could there have been another alternative?"

Jones was shot when he turned towards officers and raised his hands in what could be described as the motion you would make if you were raising a gun.

Officers had previously tried to tase him, but the Taser was ineffective.

Burke said every officer-involved shooting is training for both police and the community.

"People will say, 'Gee, we've seen these incidents over and over and over again.' But there's always something different about it. What can we learn from this," Burke said.

The medical examiner's office in Roanoke said Wednesday that Jones was shot twice and died from a gunshot wound to the chest.

A toxicology report is also being conducted.

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