Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection using grant to make kennels less noisy

ROANOKE, Va. – Barking and background noise are not uncommon at the Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection. But now, thanks to a $10,000 grant from Petco, the shelter will be much quieter. 

With the help of the Roanoke County Sheriff's Office inmate work crew, noise reducing insulation is being installed above the kennels to calm down the sounds and the dogs.

"Looking up in our ceiling and looking at how the building was structured, we realized it was time to do something up there and this grant made it possible," said Mark Warner, interim director at RCACP.

With about 60 dogs in the shelter on average, the noise levels in these kennels can be overwhelming at times. Shelter staff are hoping this grant will mean less stress for the animals. 

"It's just constant. A lot of times they'll just stay curled up on their bed or forced in the back. You'll see that in the animals and that's why we're trying to get that noise level down so they're not so stressed out," said Warner. 

Noise doesn't only bring stress to the animals. It can also cause serious medical issues at the expense of the shelter. Warner says he's hoping the work helps the animals' stress levels, but also helps save the center money by using the inmate work crew. 

"Hopefully with saving money using the inmates, we're going to use that money to work on our lobby," said Warner.

It's a win for the shelter, a win for the animals and a picture of the difference a community partnership can make.