Metal-making company opens in Montgomery County


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. – A new business has set up shop in Montgomery County and the corporation could make a real difference in the way metal is made in the future. 

The new technology was created at Aeroprobe in Christiansburg, but it could change the manufacturing industry across the country.

MELD Manufacturing Corp. is officially open for business. 

Based on a technology that has been used at Aeroprobe, the corporation is designed to revolutionize manufacturing across industries. 

MELD helps open up new possibilities for what can be made, and it is also a less expensive and less wasteful process.

MELD CEO Nanci Hardwick said, even though you may not see it on a daily basis, the process is the future of manufacturing and a big moment for the Montgomery County area. 

"It's really exciting to think an innovative new technology that will touch every neighborhood and every company that manufactures has been born here in Montgomery County. I think we can all be really proud," said Hardwick.

She said, with the possibility of tariffs looming, there was no better time to introduce a new technology that boosts metal manufacturing.

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