Virginia SCLC president weighs in on video from deadly Danville officer-involved shooting

The Rev. Avon Keen appreciates video being released, but has some concerns


DANVILLE, Va. – The Virginia president of the Southern Christian Leadership Council is weighing in on the body camera video from last weekend's deadly officer-involved shooting in Danville.

Juan Jones, 25, was shot and killed as officers were trying to arrest him for allegedly assaulting a woman.

The Rev. Avon Keen's biggest concern is that people don't know how to interact with police.

He said several the Danville Ministerial Alliance held forums and passed out pamphlets to try to educate people.

"If the information on this pamphlet had been used, this situation could have been, possibly, avoided," Keen said.

Keen said there needs to be better communication so that when forums are held, they can reach more people, especially young people.

"We must have better communication in our city, among all of our citizens, so that when we have these workshops, the school system will work with us, all of the agencies that have will work with us (to get) our youth out," Keen said.

Keen and other members of the ministerial alliance plan to watch more, yet-unseen body camera video Monday.

"We were told that there was more footage," Keen said. "The first clip we were able to view was one of the smaller clips, but now we want to see the other clips that they have."

State police are investigating the shooting.

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