'He loved enjoying life': Friend remembers Danville man shot, killed by police

Juan Jones' funeral held Friday


DANVILLE, Va. – Family members and friends packed the Fisher & Watkins Funeral Home Friday afternoon for 25-year-old Juan Jones' funeral.

Media representatives were not allowed inside, but after the service, some people who attended the service spoke to them.

William Terry said Jones was like a brother to him.

"He loved enjoying life, just being free. I'm going to miss everything about him pretty much. It hurt everybody that they took him, but God has a reason for everything," Terry said.

When asked what he thought about Jones being shot and killed by police, he said it happened in a "weird way."

"We're going to wait for the case to play itself out pretty much; to see what all the details are," Terry said. "If (the officers involved) are in the wrong, I believe they're going to be convicted or whatever's going to happen. If they're not, oh well. God's got a way for everything."

Swanya Trotter described Jones as a "nice young man."

"He was my son's best friend," Trotter said. "(This week) has been real hard, especially for my boys."

According to a search warrant for the empty lot on Sunset Drive where the shooting happened, Jones told his girlfriend not to call police because he would kill himself before he goes to jail.

Jones was shot and killed as officers were trying to arrest him for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

The search warrant reveals what was collected at the scene of Sunday morning's shooting.

Four .40-caliber shell casings, two .40-caliber guns, a Taser, Taser wires, a Taser cartridge, and an iPhone were all collected.

The car Jones was in was also searched.

Lastly, the search warrant says Jones' girlfriend believed he may have been drinking prior to the incident.

"(The officers involved) have peer group counselors. People who have been through similar experiences will meet with them. They will have the availability of professional help. There's always a debriefing where you go over the event," Danville Police Department Capt. Dennis Haley said, describing the help that is available for the officers involved.

"I'm proud of this department, the way it's responded, as far as the network of people who have stepped up and been there to talk and share as much of the burden as they can."

The community support is also helpful.

"I've spoken to both of the officers (involved) recently and they both expressed (that) the fact that the public knew and understood, by and large...was very beneficial," Haley said.

Not everyone has been understanding, though.

Multiple marches took place this week, calling for justice, peace and for the community to take back the streets.

State police are investigating the shooting and say there is no way to know when the investigation will be complete.

The two officers who fired shots are on administrative assignments.

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