SHVEC holds new simulation to help train nursing, paramedic students

Students practiced responding to a car crash


SOUTH BOSTON, Va. – Some nursing and paramedic students are now better prepared to save lives.

On Friday, they took part in an emergency response simulation at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center in South Boston.

Paramedic students had to treat a couple of car accident victims.

The victims were then taken to a simulated emergency room, where the nursing students took over.

"It enhances communication between nursing staff and paramedics in the field," paramedic student Jeff Chitwood said. "It just keeps everybody on the same page. Prior to our arrival at the hospital, we call in a report on patient injuries, patient conditions."

Nursing student Rebecca Jones said she was excited for the simulation.

"It's going to help us to be able to think outside the box and know what caused the predicament therein. It'll give us more information, which is always critical for a nurse," Jones said.

This was the first simulation of its kind held at the SVHEC.