Storm drains around the city receive designs to bring awareness to pollution


ROANOKE, Va. – You may have noticed a few new art pieces popping up alongside sidewalks in the Star City and there is a reason for that.

     The Roanoke Art Commission and Roanoke City Stormwater Utility have partnered up to bring awareness about pollution by painting several storm drains in our area. There are total of six drains that will be given artistic makeovers, with three already been completed.

 "We are bringing awareness about pollution in our storm drains system because some people may not be aware that it is actually a separate system and not a combined sewer system. So anything that goes into there goes immediately into the streams and it becomes polluted," said Danielle DeHart environmental specialist for Roanoke. Artists received a $400 stipend each for supplies and to complete the project.

     You can find the three completed storm drains in front of the Branch City library downtown,West End Park, and Crystal Springs in front of River and Rail restaurant. The remaining three will be completed by the end of the month.