Tree sitter continues to stay in tree despite anticipated storm

Struggle against controversial Mountain Valley pipeline project continues


BENT MOUNTAIN, Va. – The struggle against the controversial Mountain Valley pipeline project continues.

As clouds move in, the threat of bad weather isn't bringing a tree sitter called Red down, literally.

“I'm trying to make a statement that they do not have a right to destroy our water,” said Red, who has been staying in a tree for about two weeks.

 While law officials will no longer allow anyone to provide food supplies for Red, fire crews came by to check in on her.

 Red's supporters continue to show their emotional support.

“She's an inspiration to all of us up here,” Bruce Coffey, a Bent Mountain resident, said.

Jim Chandler's home would be directly impacted by the project.  

He said he's deeply concerned about how the pipelines will affect water quality.

“Once this pipeline goes into the ground it will be too late. The water will be destroyed. This pristine water that supplies the valley will be gone forever. We're trying to stop that,” Chandler said.

Until the pipeline is stopped, Red said she doesn't plan to come down.