Lynchburg homes, business destroyed by storms


CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. – Crews are still out surveying the damage after heavy rain and strong winds moved through Lynchburg and Campbell County Sunday night.

There is mostly damage to businesses, but just a street over, the storm also ripped through homes. 


This is what's left of Cecil Mayhew's home on Brooklawn Drive near Waterlick Road. 

He was sitting on the couch in his living room Sunday night, when all of a sudden, "I heard a rumbling and then I felt the building shaking," said Mayhew. 

He moved to the hallway to take cover. 

"I laid down, I told my 90-year-old aunt to get down and the next thing you know, the building is starting to come apart and I'm laying on the ground watching the roof come off the place," said Mayhew. 

The damage stretches down the street in a trail of snapped trees, mangled metal and shattered car windows.


"You see that roof right there? That's the roof of our back porch," said Mayhew. 

John Knaus was inside his home when the storm hit. 

"It's just a screaming sound and banging. A little piece of glass came close to my eye, glass flying all around and then that was that. I came out and saw this devastation," said Knaus.

Now Knaus and those who live along Brooklawn Drive are starting to pick up the pieces, but they're not doing it alone. 

Hundreds of volunteers spent their day helping the people devastated by this storm. 

"When I see somebody who's in need my first reaction is I got to do something. We were driving home and I just saw all this mess and I just wanted to do something because felt like God was telling me that. You need to get up and you need to go help whoever you can because all of our stuff is safe and that's a blessing," said Olivia Couch, who lives in Lynchburg.

Those residents we spoke with plan to stay at friend's homes or hotels until they can come back to their homes.

It will take a lot to clean up all this damage, but there are already a lot of people stepping up to help.