Cleanup continues in Danville after severe weather

Majority of cleanup effort focused on Westover Drive


DANVILLE, Va. – Early Monday morning, work got underway to remove trees from Anita Murphy's front yard.

She did what she could, and Danville firefighter Garret Clay and three fellow members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints did the rest.

"Any time this comes around, it kind of goes across Facebook. You see storm damage on Facebook and stuff like that," Clay said.

The trees in Murphy's yard were blocking her from getting out of her driveway.

"It's devastating," Murphy said, "to look out your window and see this. It was just a godsend to look and see these guys coming."

Clay and fellow church member Elder Trujillo say the decision to help was a no-brainer.

"I just love helping people," Clay said.

"We're just helping this lady clean her yard up. A tree fell in her yard, so we're just helping her get the debris, clean it out, so that she can get out of her driveway or get on with her day at least," Trujillo said.

A state of emergency remained in effect in Danville Monday.

Danville city manager Ken Larking declared a local state of emergency Sunday.

"We're going to leave it in effect until we can get all these folks on Westover (Drive) and other areas restored with their power and get the streets open," Larking said.

As a result of the declaration, the city was able to quickly mobilize four contract crews and two mutual aid crews to help restore power.

"We may call in additional resources in that respect to help with the power restoration. Right now, our public works crews are handling most of the tree damage in the streets," Larking said.

As work continued all along Westover Drive Monday, Danville firefighters, police officers and members of the Danville Life Saving Crew went door to door to see if people needed any assistance, especially medical assistance, since the power was out and may be for at least another day.

"We're just kind of getting that information to be able to give it to our emergency operations center so that they can make arrangements for them if needed," Danville Fire Department Capt. Tim Duffer said.

A simple gesture that, like the help for Murphy, may lift people up after so much came down.

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