Community comes together to help tornado victims


LYNCHBURG, Va. – Two days after an EF 2 tornado touched down in Campbell County, the cleanup process continues along Timberlake Road.

For some businesses, the cleanup was easy – just removing debris and tree limbs that had blown onto the property. For others, like the Med Express and The Floor Show carpet and flooring store, the cleanup process is expected to take weeks. 

Just a few blocks from the business district, homes on Brooklawn Drive are dealing with major damage as well. Roofs have been ripped off, car windows shattered, and mangled metal from old carports has blown all over the street.

Neighbors have been out helping each other with the cleanup process, including one man who was inside his home when the storm hit. He said he heard a rumbling and felt his house start to shake so he and his 90-year-old aunt took cover in the hallway. 

Amazingly, no one was severely hurt in the storm.

Because of the extent of the damage, Campbell County and Lynchburg City schools were closed on Monday.

 Sarah Mayhew is a teacher in the community, and says while her family wasn’t affected by the storm she knew many others who were. So she and her daughters, Jilian and Hadley, loaded up their pink wagon with water bottles, doughnuts and biscuits and got to work delivering the snacks to first responders and those affected by the storm.

“We weren’t going to stay home and spend our no school day at home, we were going to come out and spend it helping others that needed it,” she says. “People are so appreciative. It’s just amazing how much a community can come together in a situation and we’re just glad we can help.”

The treats they delivered came from donations to the Timberlake Family Pharmacy that were brought in throughout the day.