Hard-hit Lynchburg area continuing cleanup after tornado hits

Peakland Place saw trees in houses, trees crushing cars, more damage


LYNCHBURG, Va. – Crews are still working to clean up the damage in one of the worst-hit areas in Lynchburg.

On Peakland Place near Boonesboro Road, many people are still without power and still have a lot of cleaning up to do. 

Buddy Daniel, who lives on Peakland Place, and some of his new friends in the neighborhood are hard at work cleaning up. 

"We are very blessed. That was a huge tree, as you've seen with the circumference of it. We were very, very blessed," said Daniel.

On Peakland Place, there were treess in houses, trees crushing cars and even a mangled roof blown away from its home.

On Monday, Peakland homeowners made their way outside to survey the damage and, like Buddy, start the big cleanup. But they weren't alone. 

"Neighbors have been great. Friends and family have been great. A lot of the high schoolers and college kids have come by, helping us clean up," said Daniel.

"I mean, I just feel so grateful that my house wasn't hit but I like to come out and help as much as I can because it's kind of sad," said John Buckley, who was helping with the cleanup efforts.

The storm was both scary and damaging.

"It was raining so hard and the wind was blowing up against the window. It got to where you couldn't even see outside and you could hear the roaring," said Chip Harvey, who's lived in the neighborhood for 28 years.

It seems that the storm also brought out the best in the neighbors and new friends on Peakland Place.

Because of some downed power lines, traffic was being rerouted through there Monday and it was moving slow. That is something to be prepared for Tuesday, if you'll be traveling through the area.