Lynchburg community comes together to feed those helping with tornado cleanup

Timberlake Family Pharmacy serves as hub to drop off food, drinks, supplies

LYNCHBURG, Va. – With no power in her own business, Jodi Ettar, of the Timberlake Family Pharmacy, posted to her Facebook friends Sunday night, and thinking 'Let's open our doors anyway." 
"You know what? God will figure it out. We'll make it work. We opened up everything this morning and it has been overwhelming," Ettar said.
The pharmacy, which happens to be located at the beginning of the road closure on Greenview Drive and Timberlake Road, became a place where people could  stop and drop off food and drinks for patrol officers, people helping restore power or anyone in need of a meal. 
"I mean, businesses-- Ledo's Pizza, Chick-fil-A-- uprooted out here, a food truck, providing everybody with burgers and fries at no charge. It's just been really amazing to see," Ettar said. 
Campbell County Sheriff's Office deputies and others picked up the food and passed it out. 
 Ettar said she was surprised at how quickly people hopped on board. But, she said, this is proof that Lynchburg is a city of people who support one another. 
"I've grown up here all my life. I went to high school right there. This is my community and I'm just really proud of everybody and how everybody has come together," Ettar said.

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