Lynchburg homeowners clean up after tornado, wait for assessment damages

City wants to remind drivers to be careful when driving through traffic stops

LYNCHBURG, Va. – There's a home along Link Road in Lynchburg that has tarp wrapped around it. Another has a tree toppled in front of it. 

"If you look down the street here, the end of Matin Lane looks like a bomb went off, trees are just like that. I mean, it's unbelievable,"  resident Jim Rice said.

While some neighbors are dealing with different issues since the storm, Richard and Grace Newton were on their way out of town Sunday night when the tornado came through the Link Road area.

"The tornado obviously came immediately through this neighborhood and the back of our house, but we are lucky," Richard Newton said.

The Newton's only have roof and gutter damage to their homes, one thing everyone has in common, no power. 

And that's why Jim and Lillian Rice are heading to Richmond to their daughter's house.

'The power company says they hope to have power on by midnight Wednesday, but if they do, it will be an absolute miracle. I tip my hat off to them if they can do it," Rice said.

Lynchburg city wants to remind drivers to be careful when going through traffic stops. 

They have crews that are still removing debris and trees. They've also released a new list of streets that are now open.

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