3 April tornadoes cause millions of dollars in damage

Teams have found more than $16.4 million in damages to homes, businesses


ROANOKE, Va. – Three tornadoes hit Sunday, April 15th. Teams are still on the ground doing damage assessments this week but they have found more than $16.4 million in damage so far.

TORNADO #1 - EF1 Tornado was on the ground for less than one minute and hit Craig County. It had estimated maximum wind speeds of 105 mph and was about 150 yards wide and traveled a half mile.

Craig County Damage Estimates

-5 homes were damaged
-Preliminary estimates show $100,500 worth of damage
-There is other minor damage that hasn't been estimated of shingles missing, but that is not included in the total

TORNADO #2 - EF1 Tornado was on the ground for 16 minutes hitting Pittslyvania County and Danville. The EF1 tornado traveled 12 miles, had a maximum path width of 175 yards and maximum wind speeds of 110 miles per hour, according to the completed NWS survey.


City of Danville Damage Estimates

· Residential damage estimate - $2,266,639
· Commercial damage estimate -$114,108
· Utilities damage estimate - $500,000
· Public Works damage estimate -$100,000
· Total damage estimate - $2,980,747
· One house was destroyed, 15 suffered major damage and 38 suffered minor damage.
· Three commercial structures had minor damage.

Pittsylvania County Damage Estimates

$112,000 - barns and misc farm structures
$35,000 - greenhouse structures
$7,000 - fencing
Damage Estimates $154,000.00

Affected: 19 Homes    
Minor: 11 Homes
Major: 11 Homes
Destroyed: 3 Homes
Damage Estimates: $1,135,837.00

Minor: 2
Damage Estimates: $78,515.00

Public Damage:
Major: 1
Damage Estimates: $12,480.00

Total Damage Estimates $1,380,832

TORNADO #3 - EF3 Tornado with 150 mph winds was on the ground for 25 minutes hitting Lynchburg and Campbell and Amherst counties. It had a max path width of 600 yards and traveled 20.4 miles. 12 people were hurt in this tornado.

Damage in Elon. Courtesy Virginia State Police
Damage in Elon. Courtesy Virginia State Police

Campbell County Damage Estimates

-At this time, 16 businesses, and 2 duplexes have been reported as having received severe structural damage; some are total losses
-There was no serious structural damage reported to Campbell school buildings; however, there will be some needed roofing repairs and repairs to athletic field structures (dugouts, etc.).

City of Lynchburg Damage Estimates

- More than $8 million in damages throughout the city with the majority of that amount accessed to homes
-Over 330 buildings have suffered from some form of damage about 59 structures received major damage and 32 have been condemned.

Amherst County Damage Estimates

-166 structures/homes have now been reported as damaged; 23 categorized as restricted use; 22 are severely damaged or counted as total losses
-Structural loss is now estimated at $4,444,114.87

(This story will be updated as we get new totals.)




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