Kidz Kraze helps Lynchburg children receive new clothes, toys

Kids Kraze event April 21-28

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Children in the Lynchburg area can look forward to new clothes or toys in the coming week.

Through Friday, people are dropping off children's clothing and toys to sell at the annual Kidz Kraze consignment sale in Lynchburg.

Some 500 families are selling their children's clothes for a good cause. Some of the clothes bought will be purchased by sponsors who have been paired with a Lynchburg City Schools student.

Organizers said they partner with the school district, which has identified about 35 children in the community who are in need. On Friday, the sponsor will come by, pick up several items for each child and surprise the family.

"Cause there's kids who come in (with) shoes that don't fit them and clothes that they've worn all week long. And they have a need. If we can play a little part in providing something for the community, we're just so grateful for our awesome community (that) jumps on it and is excited to give back," said Julia Bradner, co-owner of Kidz Kraze Consignment Sale.

Organizers say there will be more than 50,000 children's items for sale. All the clothes and toys left behind will be donated to other organizations in the Hill City.

For information on location and dates, visit this website: http://www.kidzkrazesale.com/

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